About Us

We, at St. Bede, believe in the value and uniqueness of each person. With Christ as our model, we try to engender self-respect and respect for others in the hearts and minds of every individual.

We, at St. Bede School, believe that by instilling Christian attitudes in an open and positive environment, the talents of all would be developed and utilized.

We, at St. Bede, believes that it is our responsibility to lead children to the realization that the exploration of ideas is sometimes difficult, often exciting and always rewarding, We seek to provide a challenging curriculum and flexibility to meet the needs of each student. Our goal for students leaving St. Bede is to have a real confidence in their ability to make decisions and articulate ideas. There is an underlying goal to provide and independence of spirit which would encourage risk-taking, which would foster an ongoing sense of curiosity, and which would provide the opportunities for children to learn how to formulate their own goals, questions, problems and solutions.

We, at St. Bede School, believe that by creating a safe place for all, where people know that they are valued as persons, the spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual dimension of every individual will flourish.